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National nutrition week 2023

Below events were conducted in the Department of Community Medicine on the occasion of National Nutritional Week 2023

1. Observation of National Nutrition Week at Shanthinagar PHC on 07/09/2023.

National Nutrition Week was observed at Shanthinagar PHC by creating awareness regarding importance of nutrition in our life.  Dr. Rajesh S S, Associate Professor, Department of Community Medicine, SMCRI, spoke about of importance of nutrition, history of nutrition week, classification of nutrients, sources of nutrients, balanced diet, nutrition goals, locally available fruits and vegetables. Nearly 40 beneficiaries attended this programme and clarified their doubts regarding nutrition.Dr. Saira Banu, PHC, Medical Officer, Shanthinagar, PHN Mrs. Anjum and other PHC staff were present.


2. 2.    Observation of National Nutrition Week at Urdigere on 07/09/2023.

On the occasion of National Nutritional Week, a awareness program was arranged in Urdigere on 07/09/2023 in which Medical Officer, Urdigere PHC and other dignitaries from Taluk Health Office participated, along with Dr. Manasa Divakar, Assistant Professor, Community Medicine Department, SMCRI. All the dignitaries gave informative health education regarding the importance of nutrition, balanced diet, Anaemia etc.

The session was attended by pregnant women, lacting mothers, high school female students, ASHA and Anganawadi workers.


2. 3.    Observation of National Nutrition Week at Department of Community Medicine

In SMCRI, National nutritional week was observed in the first week of September by giving a nutritional challenge for everyone to plan one balanced meal for a day and to upload the picture of the meal along with the nutritive value in terms of calories, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. The Department of Community Medicine, SMCRI started off with healthy breakfast potluck. We got an overwhelming response from 28 participants of various departments. Three best balanced meals were awarded by Dr. Shalini, Principal, SMCRI and Dr. Niranjanamurthy, MS, SMCRI.