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1st Year MBBS Students 2022-23 Batch Smcri – Tumakuru, Cadaveric Oath

First – year MBBS students of SMCRI – Tumakuru, took cadaveric oath.

A cadaveric oath is a pledge which students recite on the opening day to respect the dignity and integrity of the human remains that they are about to work on.

The Department of Anatomy, Siddaganga medical college and research institute, conducted the Cadaveric Oath ceremony for the new batch of MBBS students on December 29th, 2022 .

The students took the oath to affirm their gratitude to the family that donated the cadaver and promise that they will always be respectful and treat the cadaver with the highest dignity at all times.

The event was also witnessed by director SMCRI, Dr. Paramesh S, Principal SMCRI Dr. Shalini M & Medical Superintendent SMCRI Dr. Niranjana Murthy B addressed the students and stated that the subject of anatomy should be treated as the foundation of their studies and should be pursued well.

Dr. Asha K R Professor and HeadDepartment of Anatomy, SMCRI said that the department would focus on developing emotional and psychological strengths among the students which will enable them to deal with the cadavers in a mature, professional manner. emphasised the importance of their first teacher in the form of a cadaver, to respect the dignity and integrity of the human remains in the form of a cadaver.

At the end cadaveric oath was administered to the students.